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Safenave Ship Services

It was founded with the aim of providing efficient solutions to customers and partners, covering a wide range of maritime services and forming solid strategic alliances in the shipping market. Our customers include some of the world's largest and most respected commercial shipping companies.

We offer a high standard of work, providing services and solutions such as Calibration, Safety Equipment Inspection and other services, through consultancy. We can serve you in all ports in Brazil and the world.


One of Safenave's differentials is the availability of customer service. Our team is always ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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To be a company focused on anticipating and meeting customer needs.


To become a global reference in the field of navigation with a commitment to continuous improvement and social development.


Humility; Integrity; Honesty; Respect; Dedication


Fire Fighting Equipment | Life Saving Appliance

Safenave performs inspection of its safety equipment on board in all ports in Brazil and the world.

  • Fire Extinguishers - Foam Applicator;

  • Fixed Systems (CO2 - Dry Chemical Powder - Foam);

  • Fixed Systems Fire Detector - Smoke Detector - Water Mist;

  • EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Devices);

  • SCBA (Self-contained Breathing Apparatus);

  • Breathing Air Compressor and Air Analysis;

  • Resuscitators and Medicinal Oxygen Cylinders;

  • Life jackets - Immersion suit - Fireman Outfits - Chemical Suits;

  • Liferafts: working with leading liferafts, all with manufacturer approvals;

  • Lifeboat & Rescue Boat: Inspection in accordance with IMO Resolution Msc 152(78);

  • Embarkation Ladder - Pilot Ladder – Gangway.

Calibration Services

Safenave performs low-cost calibration of all portable equipment on board, including repair, calibration and maintenance.

  • Portable Gas Detectors - Fixed Gas Detector;

  • Temperature Calibrator - Pressure Calibrator - Manometer;

  • UTI & Mmc tapes - Safety Valve;

  • OWS (Oil Water Separators);

  • ODME (Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment);

  • OMD (Oil Mist Detectors).


Safenave Provides Safety Equipment - Fire Fighting Equipment - Deck Material and Machines
Gases CO², Acetylene, Nitrogen - Gases for calibration


CNPJ: 29.921.487/0001-27

  • +55 53 3192-0510



  • 230, 10 Street - Central Park - Rio Grande - RS - Brazil - Zip Code: 96.216-720